Incentive travel boosts Employee/ Partner/ Channel Sales loyalty and productivity by awarding top performers with an all-expenses-paid travel reward. Incentive travel programs exist to motivate stake holders and increase productivity and sales. 

There are different kinds of incentive programs, but travel incentives are unique. Cash rewards are often unmemorable and can lead to feelings of entitlement and expectation. It can be difficult for employees to receive monetary awards as part of an incentive plan reward rather than as part of their compensation package.

we select interesting events, details and characteristics from its history and culture and turn them to magical moments bearing the veil of secrecy and mystique through thematic parties, team building activities and stories which are told with sparkling eyes and suspense…places which can be seen in a way that only imagination may incite… we obtain this unique and exquisite experience which should be immanent in the incentive travel. If you’re looking for an incentive program, AVNI Holidays is by far the most memorable and productive option.

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Mesmerising Malaysia - Group - Tour

Mesmerising Malaysia - Group

  • Sepang, Selangor
  • 3 Nights 4 Days
Starting from ₹ 38,000

Be it a business executive, a frontline salesman, a neighbourhood retailer or a business agent, there are a few things that drive one to perform at his peak. Some are driven by their salary slips, others by a month’s commission or a few extra goodies from the company. But no matter how hard you try to inspire your workforce, there is only so much a certificate can do, only so far an increment can go, only so many giveaways to offer. That’s where we come in. AVNI Holidays offers a full range of event hospitality services encompassing corporate business meetings, incentive travel, regional conferences, exhibitions, local sightseeing tours, limousine services and airport transfers. We take care of everything from start to finish, providing you, our client, with a unique, burden-free experience. Our professional team provides one-stop solutions involving everything from initial planning to crafting itineraries and logistics. We have an unmatched track record of organising successful events from corporate meetings of 10 participants, to institutional seminars of 500+ participants, to major regional conferences for up to number of any size, both in Indian markets and overseas. To constantly ensure that only the best services are provided to customers, AVNI Holidays regularly conducts quality control review meetings with service suppliers, visits new venues and appraises partnership performances. To enhance the quality of our service, staff are regularly sent on training seminars and conferences to keep abreast of the newest service innovations relating to customer relations, competitive marketing and crisis management.

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How We can add Value

Travel incentives, however, provide unique opportunities and memorable experiences. These trips stand out as rewards, prizes earned only by the highest performers. Travel opportunities provide actual incentives, motivating employees and building excitement. Furthermore, travel is the most preferred reward for high-producing employees1. Not only that, a good travel incentive program can increase productivity by 18% and produce a 112% ROI. The incentive travel industry is currently booming, with increased budgets, growing lead times, and an expanding pool of incentive travel destinations. Here are some key trends in this blossoming industry.

  • Unforgettable Experiences:  It is increasingly important that incentive travel provides unique opportunities. People want an experience that they cannot get elsewhere, something new and exciting. Incentive travel destinations must create enthusiasm, and incentive winners need to make lasting memories.
  • Freedom and Flexibility:  While many enjoy a travel experience with unique activities planned, others prefer a more flexible schedule. These people want the freedom to explore their new surroundings, choose their own opportunities, or have some down time in the hotel.
  • Wellness Travel:  It is increasingly common for stake holders to desire an incentive that leaves them healthier and more refreshed. Whether it’s outdoor adventures, fitness and wellness classes, or spa days, some stake holders will value the attention to their health.
  • Networking Opportunities:  For some, a company getaway isn’t all about relaxation. There are those who still want a business aspect, an opportunity to grow. Providing opportunities for employees to interact with other business professionals, then, could be greatly appreciated. A chance to do some networking would be exactly what some Stake holders are looking for.