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Life is not meant to be spent in one Place. It is recommended to "Travel as much as you can, As far as you can and Travel as long as you can". Destination Lovers, Adventure seekers and Leisure travellers are always looking for new vistas, and this kind of excitement has kept us going strong since 2010.

The options and recommendations that you stumble upon with us are unique and will by far surpass your expectations and experience always. We thrive on the appreciation that our customers bestow upon us, for our service. Our Destination Experts in the field, will unleash places & people that you will be your  cherished memories for life time. 

AVNI Holidays presented tours are a unique mix of History, Adventure and Excitement within the desired budgets. Delve into an eclectic mix of Tradition, Night life, Food, Bazaars, Barbeque, Wild Life, Nature... or whatever takes fancy of our clientele. We are a trusted, luxury holiday designing company, with its strong team of consultants, creates authentic, unique and truly memorable experiences !!!

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We thrive hard to bring Special deals that will be deep discounted for certain period and we have more than 5000 followers till date. These deals are too good to believe but they are true so that you Holiday at great pricing !!! Analysis from our Destination experts who relentlessly work over patterns of travel and upcoming trends, helps us design specific deals, that would leave travel lovers, an experience of lifetime within your budget interests, We strongly believe that these deals will capture your and near one's interests.

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Experiential Travel Tours

Welcome to an inspiring World of Experiential Travel Dairies which will alter your perceptions and change the way you Travel. International Inbound travel to India has grown fast in numbers and is a recognisable segment. With this has matured, a pace for  creating an immediate & urgent need for tailor made, customised, life enriching, experiential, inspiring, un-commoditised, authentic and engaging form of travel. This is a paradigm shift in the travellers fraternity. This laid the basis for Experiential Travel Journeys. At AVNI Holidays this concept was transformed into a product by Avinash to cater to the needs & demands of the discerning travellers. India born, Hyderabad based Avinash Khanapur who leads Experiential Travel Dairies vertical of AVNI Holidays as its lead private travel designer, Founder & Director has been in the travel & tourism business for over 10 years and is himself a committed and a passionate traveller. An extensive portfolio has been accumulated through his knowledge in organising unique travel experiences for discerning clients from his continuing work in the industry. We are like a movement that differentiates itself, moving away from standard tourist itineraries to private tailor-made journeys which are stimulating and offer true to life experiences. The difference lies in what you do, rather than what you see. You live the experience and not just look at it. It’s all about authentic cultural immersion and meaningful engagement with the place you are visiting, its People, Cuisine, History, Culture, Art, Heritage, Lifestyle and Customs.

AVNI Holidays offers packages that would meet interests of every traveller. Right from the one travelling for Business to Network or For intimate honeymoon to an Experiential tours like Shopping, Gastronomy or Casino experiences, we have it all. With strong local network of Ground Service providers, our assurance of quality meeting your right expectations during your holiday, is Guaranteed. 

Kindly browse through our packages among the variety of collections for all ages and all seasons across geographies. We love to hear you back again and again and explore the world, discovering inner passion for travel and have experiences for lifetime. 


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