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Destination Lovers, Adventure seekers and Leisure travellers looking for new vistas are what excite us and have kept us going since 2010. The cities & the sights that you encounter with us are unique. We thrive on the appreciation that our customers shower us with, for our service, & reciprocate by giving them an outstanding experience every time.

Our Consultants are Destination experts in their field and will lead you to places & people that you will cherish for many a days to come. AVNI Holidays presented tours are a mix of History, Adventure and Excitement. Delve into an eclectic mix of Tradition, Night life, Food, Bazaars, Barbeques, Wild Life, Nature... or whatever takes you fancy and book a well planned and superbly conducted tour with us!

AVNI Holidays is a trusted, luxury holiday company that creates authentic, unique and truly memorable experiences !!!

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It is hard to believe the deals we offer are real. The only flip side is that they carry a Expiry Date. Don't miss them.

We have carefully designed specific deals, that would fit your interests, uncommon and pockets. We strongly believe that these deals will capture your interests.


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